Hand sanitizer - fresh and effective smells good!

Hand sanitizer - fresh and effective smells good!


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Outside In Hand Sanitizer uses the anti-bacterial properties of specific essential oils to de-germ your hands when you're away from soap and water. The aloe vera is moisturizing to your hands.

Temporary formula 1 - Ingredients: aloe vera, 30% isopropyl alcohol, xanthan gum, tea tree, lavender, sweet orange, and lemon essential oils. Also Cinnamon essential oil unless you have a ginger complexion or are otherwise sensitive to it.

Temporary formula 2 (Covid 19) - LIMITED TO A TOTAL OF 32 oz. PER ORDER. 70% ethyl alcohol, aloe vera, carbomer, dimethicone, trisopropanolamine, water, sweet orange, lemon, and cinnamon leaf essential oils. This is bulk pre-made sanitizer with aloe as the second ingredient (yay!). I have added essential oils to give it a pleasant fragrance. (Added May 26, 2020)

2 oz bottle - $3.50 Apologies for upping the price of the 2 oz. bottle. There is a temporary shortage, thus significant price hike, on their cost.
4 oz bottle - $5.50

Live in peace, use caution in public contact, trust God for the path of your life!

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Fast shipping and packed very well

Smells good, doesn't make my hands feel dry

This hand sanitizer is amazing! It has a great scent and leaves hands super smooth. I definitely recommend it!

Repeat customer! I bought 2 of these in the beginning, & I loved it so much I bought some to use as Christmas gifts! This has got to be the best hand sanitizer I've ever used! I LOVE the smell! I can't wait to try other products from this shop!

I love the sanitizer! It smells wonderful also!